Valtice town

Penzion Valtice is situated right in the centre of Valtice, offering views of the historical town square and the Valtice château from many of its rooms » book a room.

Valtice in brief

Valtice is a small wine-growing town in the Breclav district of the South Moravia Region. Located on the Austrian border, about 9km from Breclav, it covers an area of 4 785 hectares and has approximately 3 500 inhabitants.

The historical centre of the town is a protected urban conservation zone with the entire Lednice – Valtice area declared an historic monument zone under the auspices of UNESCO World Heritage. The Valtice château was the family seat of the Lichtenstein family until 1945.

History of the town

The town of Valtice was colonised by the Bishops of Passau in the late 12th centuryBetween 1391 – 1945 it formed part of the extensive Lichtenstein family estate, who transformed the town, Lednice town and their concomitant surrounding areas into a unique cultural landscape with a Europe-wide significance.  Valtice belonged to Lower Austria during the Middle and Modern Ages until it was joined to the newly-formed Czech Republic under the terms of the Treaty of St. Germain, signed on 31 July 1920.  At that time it formed part of the administrative district of Mikulov.

After 1945 most of the German-speaking population, making up 56.7 % of the Valtice population in 1930,  was displaced. In 1964 the village of Uvaly joined the administrative area of Valtice. However, during the Cold War the town of Valtice was surrounded by a border security zone with a strict no-entry policy and, consequently, access to Uvaly was only possible for the local inhabitants or by special permission.

What to see in Valtice

Recommendation: Take a walk through Valtice with the interactive tour » go to virtual tour.

Valtice offers many well preserved historical monuments and other places that are worth a visit:

  • Take a walk through the urban conservation zone tour » view.
  • Valtice Town Museum » go to website.
  • Museum of viticulture, agriculture and the environment » go to website.
  • Museum of the Iron Curtain » go to website.
  • The Chateau Herb Garden » go to website.
  • 5 km long viticultural educational trail from the Valtice château

What is there to look forward to

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